Sunday, October 18, 2009

Minty goes to Japan

Minty went to Japan and made all sorts of interesting friends...

Minty vs. Godzilla

Minty and Hello Kitty in Hakone

Minty at Lake Ashi

Minty and Hello Kitty

Minty and Kitsune at Fushimi Inari shrine

Minty and a temple lion

Minty at the Ghibli store

Minty and Totoro

Minty at Nijojo Castle

Minty and Hachiko

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Minty goes to Monterey and Santa Cruz

Minty had a wonderful trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium

Minty visits the Kelp Forest

Minty says hi to his cousin the seahorse

Minty goes to school with anchovies

Then Minty went to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

More seahorses!

Yikes... a spider!

Minty loves the rollercoaster

Friday, September 26, 2008

Pistachio goes to Yosemite

Minty couldn't make the trip to Yosemite this year, so his good friend Pistachio came along instead.

Pistachio having a celebratory glass of champagne... yum

Pistachio loves this beautiful view of Glacier Point from our deck.

Pistachio is a little nervous about hiking

Pistachio's first view of Half Dome

And the hiking begins

Pistachio loved this little waterfall on the 4 mile trail (which is really 4.8 miles each way)

Pistachio needed a little rest on the trail and took a ride on my head

Pistachio made friends with a squirrel on Glacier Point

Pistachio can't believe that he hiked all the way up

Pistachio chills his sore feet on a leftover ice sculpture

Pistachio enjoys a roaring fire at our room in the Ahwahnee

Pistachio can't believe that people climb up El Capitan