Friday, December 16, 2005

A Very Minty Christmas

Check it out... Minty has his very own xmas dvd!

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Minty goes to Sea Ranch

Minty was ready for a relaxing weekend at the beach, so he joined the girl's weekend at Sea Ranch last weekend...

Minty visits the mushroom forest

Minty meets a banana slug

Minty pulls a "caterpillar" and reclines on a mushroom.

Minty goes to the beach

Minty meets a sea anemone

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Minty visits Santa Barbara

Minty has come down to So Cal with me to visit my folks for Thanksgiving. We started off with a trip to beautiful Santa Barbara. The weather was very warm, in the 80's!

Here's Minty at the bike path....

...and here's Minty checking out the seagulls at the wharf,

...and here's Minty with Mom & Dad! He makes a big impression for a pony of his size

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Minty goes to the Harvest Fair

Minty headed out to Santa Rosa last weekend and checked out the Sonoma County Harvest Fair. He tasted the honey, apples & wine... yum!

Minty checks out the prize winning pumpkins.

Minty's not sure about all those bees, but he sure likes the honey

Minty can't quite reach the wine, those tastes sure are small

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Minty protests the war

Minty wanted to show his total disapproval of the war in Iraq, so he joined in the protest march in San Francisco yesterday. Since he's not allowed to vote he thought it especially important to join in the protest.

Minty at the rally before the march at Dolores Park

Minty danced with these protesters to "Holiday"

The march moves to Market Street

The march goes by City Hall.

Thousands of people (and at least one horse) joined the march. It was a great day and a wonderful opportunity to let the government know how we feel about the war.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Minty's Adventures in Yosemite

Minty and I had our first adventure together this week on a trip to Yosemite. Minty felt right at home since there were loads of horses there (at least we saw a lot of evidence of them on the trails!). Here are some pictures I took of Minty on our trip.

Minty was so excited about arriving in Yosemite I had to take a picture of him when we stopped for a picnic.

On our first morning, we went on a little hike around Yosemite valley. Sorry that Minty is in shadow, it was a little shady on the trail.

Minty got a little overexcited and had an accident :-(

Minty liked sitting on the Sugar Pine Bridge, over the Merced River.

Minty wanted to run across the meadow to get a better view of Half dome.

Minty tries to find the way to Half Dome.

Minty sees the "Alpenglow" on Half Dome

Minty watches the crazy people climbing up El Capitan

Minty checks out the view from Glacier Point, he looks awfully close to the edge... careful Minty!

Minty checks out Half Dome through the telescope

Minty at Taft Point (7503 feet)

Minty at Taft Point... don't jump Minty!

Minty visits the "Grizzly Giant" and "Tunnel Tree" sequoias. Don't worry Minty, it's not a real Grizzly Bear.

Minty says "Don't play with matches"

Minty at the Mariposa Sequoia Grove

A Minty-sized waterfall

Minty at the Vernal Falls bridge

Minty found a trail just for him!

Minty on the John Muir trail... how did Minty stack those rocks?!
Minty at Nevada Falls

Minty at Nevada Falls... yikes, that's a long way down!

Minty joins the creatures of Yosemite

Minty says "goodbye" to Yosemite. He had a wonderful time and can't wait for his next adventure.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Meet Minty!

This is Minty. He's a beautiful mint green pony who fits neatly in my pocket. He's very adventurous.