Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Minty at the SF Pillow Fight

Yes, you read right. Minty was there at the historic Pillow Fight in San Francisco on Valentine's Day, 2006. He had a great time, even though he couldn't grab a pillow (no opposable thumbs).

This first picture is right when the Pillow Fight started at 6:00 pm sharp. All the pillow fighters got into 2 rows, Red Rover style, and rushed into the fray.

Minty's wiped out after the pillow fight. Check out this cool flyer for the Pillow Fight.

And please check out the video below or use this link.

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Eric said...

Why are you lying? Were you even there??
It’s OK; I know we were all a little punch-drunk. Although it makes for a less poetic blog, for the record, people did not rush when the clock struck—two rows of people lined up, counted down in unison, and charged one another on “one!” Maybe it was 6 o’ clock on somebody’s cell phone, I d’ know. I never did figure out what was up with that, but the Ferry clock didn’t strike the hour for a few more minutes.

Sarb Nam Kaur Khalsa said...

Susan...that was pretty amazing. Is this the first time they have done this or is it a SF tradition. Either way, I think it was a cool "non-traditional" way to celebrate Valentine's Day, which unfortunately has become over-commercialized just like everything else. For now, I mostly enjoy celebrating it as our mother's birthday. Thanks for sharing this!

longlivethellama said...

That is a great video. It is currently being featured on the Grouper homepage as well. In other news, I used a Grouper video to propose to my girlfriend this week. Here is the link to that vid: My marriage proposal

Good to see other Grouper users out there.